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You're unique and so should your recovery.

The residential treatment program at DeNovo Recovery provides a safe and calming environment for individuals, both men and women, that are struggling with substance use disorders. The residential program is the highest level of care offered at DeNovo Recovery and will guide you or your loved one through the beginning stages of this life-saving journey called recovery.

Clients in the residential program reside in a beautiful and modern facility throughout the duration of their treatment and receive access to around the clock care and support from DeNovo Recovery's team of experienced recovery professionals.

In active addiction, no two individuals have the same experience, and it is our belief that the same rings true for individuals in recovery. At DeNovo Recovery, we take the time to develop an individualized treatment plan that considers the person's specific needs.

Residential treatment at DeNovo Recovery includes structured, therapeutic activities throughout the day, including weekends. The experienced addiction professionals at our facility in St. Joseph, Missouri, near Kansas City, know that the symptoms of addiction are both physiological and psychological.

To address these causes and symptoms, the residential treatment program utlizes individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, educational groups, trauma-informed care, nutritional education, and many more interventions. Each individual in the program will also have access to our staff psychiatrist and a tietician, as needed.

Individuals that complete the residential treatment program will have developed lasting recovery skills they can implement upon discharge in order to stay sober.

These skills include:
- Noticing, identifying, and responding to relapse triggers and cues
- Utilizing coping mechanisms to deal with cravings
- Positive self-talk
- Rebuilding relationships with family members
- Celebrating achievement and accomplishment in their personal recovery

At DeNovo Recovery, our goal is to offer the best possible treatment to our clients. We do this by providing quality and compassionate care while utilizing an effective and evidence-based treatment model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is residential treatment?

Depending on the patients individualized treatment plan, Residential Treatment can be 28-40 days in length.

What is the cost?

Most insurance plans will cover substance abuse treatment. Each insurance policy is different and varies in the percentage or amount they will contribute to a patients treatment . If you or your loved one are interested in receiving treatment at DeNovo Recovery, our staff will check your specific behavioral health benefits with your insurance company to ensure you know exactly what portion you and your insurance company will pay for treatment.

What do i need to bring to treatment?

We suggest bringing 7 days of clothing (work out, lounge and casual attire) and your personal toiletries. At our facility, you will have the opportunity to do laundry. If you have items you wish to bring that will make you more comfortable such as reading materials or a pillow from home, you are more than welcome to bring them. If you have any questions on specific items our admissions team will be happy to assist you!

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