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Addiction Therapy Programs



a group of people participate in one of the addiction therapy programs missouri

It’s not easy to stop a harmful habit. Overcoming addiction will lead you down one of the most challenging journeys you can take, with the hardest part being the first step of seeking help for better health. While this path is challenging, it is achievable with the help of a professional and proven addiction therapy program.

Our addiction therapy programs for substance abuse in Missouri can help individuals who struggle with various addictions get the guidance and community support they need to make positive changes and regain control of their lives. The recovery professionals at DeNovo Recovery understand the value of personalized care and treating each person as an individual. To learn more about what sets our addiction therapy programs apart, contact our team today by calling 816.208.8106.

DeNovo Recovery Addiction Therapy Programs

DeNovo Recovery offers a wide array of therapies for substance abuse that can address the main causes of addiction while promoting healthy coping strategies that cultivate sustainable recovery outcomes.

Some of the addiction therapy programs we offer include:

Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common addictions to develop. Our alcohol addiction therapy programs will help you address the root causes of dependence and develop healthy new habits to help curb cravings and improve your overall health. With alcohol being readily available and advertised, it is vital to create a conscious habit of understanding your addiction to maintain a sustainable recovery plan.

Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug addiction affects millions of people in the US every year. Since prescriptions can be so addictive, our unique combination of therapies helps you understand your habit to manage your addiction. Each individual treatment plan works with your mind, body, and spirit to help you achieve long-term recovery.

Opioid Addiction Rehab

Opioids are a dangerous class of painkillers that are highly addictive. Addiction to opioids is potentially deadly, with severe withdrawal symptoms that may require medical attention. Our combination of individual, family, and group therapies, alongside personalized guidance from our team of experts, can help you develop healthier habits and overcome the hurdles on the road to recovery. These treatments ensure a balanced approach to therapy that builds essential tools to be utilized in a long-term recovery plan that extends beyond time in treatment.

Aftercare Programs

Finishing an addiction treatment therapy program can feel like the beginning of a new life. It is crucial to continue making positive progress and staying mindful even after addiction treatment. Our aftercare programs help clients return home knowing they can maintain the positive changes they attained in therapy with the support of our knowledgeable staff. Aftercare helps sustain the momentum of recovery and gives clients the confidence needed to continue the journey to a healthier life.

Overcome Addiction with Personalized Therapy and Guidance from DeNovo Recovery

We believe that long-term recovery is possible for every individual seeking recovery from addiction. Our addiction therapy programs in Missouri offer a combination of therapies that address anxiety, dependency, family bonds, and personal responsibility for addictive habits. Whether you need a residential treatment program or the flexibility of an intensive outpatient program, our programs can help you achieve positive, life-changing progress.

Our personalized approach to treatment is proven to help individuals struggling with addiction reconnect with themselves and get the new beginning for which they have been striving. Using a treatment approach that fuses evidence-based therapies as well as mindfulness and grounding exercises, we help clients reconnect with themselves and learn how to grow as individuals. For more information on our expertly-guided treatment programs for substance abuse, reach out to our friendly team of professionals today at 816.208.8106.