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About Us



DeNovo Recovery edited pictures 7Losing yourself in the depths of addiction can be dark and isolating. Once you commit to a better future and the lights come on, it’s easy to be confused about which direction to go or which step to take first. Joining a team of recovery advocates and medical professionals can help you decide which direction to go so you can achieve your goals. DeNovo Recovery can help.

DeNovo Means Starting Over

When our founder Austin committed to starting over and beginning his lifelong recovery journey, he knew he could not do it alone. With a team of professionals behind him, he was able to learn the skills to get clean and honor the commitment he made to himself.

Since then, he has been committed to helping others struggling with addiction as they start over. In 2021, DeNovo Recovery was established to recruit a team of recovery professionals to help even more people equip the tools to succeed in sobriety.

Our Mission

We want to give individuals struggling with addiction the chance to start a new life by providing them compassionate care along with advanced and innovative treatment solutions

Our Vision

To be a leader in providing quality behavioral health services and act as a beacon of light for the communities and individuals we serve

Our Values

  • Care and compassion for every life we touch.
  • Respect and appreciation for each other.
  • Focus and discipline on continuously improving the quality of care.
  • ┬áHonesty and integrity in all interactions.
  • Education and innovation to develop effective solutions for those under our care.
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Treatment as Unique as You

About UsYour path through life is unlike any other. Through the victories and the challenges, you have personally written every line of your story. You’ve likely faced many struggles along the way that seemingly became easier to face with drugs or alcohol. When you learn to face your challenges head-on with a clear head, you can begin to bask in your victories without the cloud of addiction getting in the way.

While starting your chapters after struggling with addiction, it can be hard to find a place to start. Finding a team to help you along the way can be critical to maintaining your commitment to yourself and remaining sober. However, the help you receive should be as unique as you are.

Starting over with the DeNovo Recovery team gets you access to medical professionals and recovery advocates who learn your story and your goals first. You will be involved in every step of your treatment, from developing your plan to attending your care.

Accessible, Affordable Addiction Care

The path through addiction can strain relationships and finances. Additionally, many people breaking out of the grips of addiction may have a hard time getting back on their feet, supporting themselves, and saving for the next chapter of their lives.

Your financial situation should not control when or where you get help to break your addiction and start over. We are proud to offer multiple payment options to keep your recovery affordable so you can continue your journey on the right foot. We accept:


Major insurance providers

Flexible out-of-pocket payments

Start Over with DeNovo Recovery

Make the commitment to yourself and your loved ones by starting over today. Take the first steps on your journey with the team at DeNovo Recovery. Stay in our Missouri center for residential, intensive outpatient, or day treatment programs that help you achieve the goals that matter to you. You don’t have to walk your recovery journey alone. Learn more, schedule a tour, or get started with a recovery advocate today by completing our online form or calling 816.208.8106.