Recovery is within reach.

You CAN take back your life. We're here to help you.

No matter how dire the situation, a new beginning is possible for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. The DeNovo Recovery team of addiction and treatment experts is here to partner with you or your loved one as the brave first steps are taken into the journey of recovery.

While thoughts of a new start may be daunting, freedom from substance dependency is a life worth having. Choose to take the bold steps of beginning a new life, free from the chains of addiction!


Individualized treatment

While at DeNovo Recovery, you will receive compassionate, innovative, and individualized care from our team of addiction experts. We are committed to helping you heal!

Family Therapy

Family therapy is crucial in the healing process, as the family of the person struggling has also been suffering. The clinical team here at DeNovo Recovery utilizes family therapy to help the family heal and become complete.

Continuum of Care

No matter where you're at in the journey, there's a place for you here. With multiple levels of care, DeNovo Recovery is able to ensure that you have access to the care that you need to get better.

Treatment Planning

Every person recovers differently. That is why the addiction experts at DeNovo Recovery will work with you or your loved one to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan.


Recovery does not stop when treatment is completed - it is a lifelong journey! Each client that successfully discharges from one of our programs will have access to lifetime aftercare services, including speaking to a clinician in times of need, alumni groups and events, etc.

Treatment approach

At DeNovo Recovery, we utilize many evidence-based treatment models and curriculum to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality of care. We utilize Living in Balance, The Matrix Model, My Ongoing Recovery Experience, Seeking Safety, trauma-informed care, and 12-step facilitation.

Start the recovery journey today.

Your healing matters.


Make the Decision

The word "decide" comes from the Latin word decidere, which means to cut off. Decide to cut off all other pathways except the one leading you into freedom from drug & alcohol addiction.



Many of our team members are in recovery themselves, allowing them to personally relate to your experience. No one is too far gone from a brand new beginning. Contact us today!



At DeNovo Recovery, you will experience structured yet personalized care that we are confident will lead you to a space of independence and freedom. Your healing matters and it is possible.

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