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Intensive Outpatient Program



DeNovo Recovery edited pictures 55Many people struggling with addiction and substance abuse have a hard time maintaining their responsibilities while chasing the feelings drugs and alcohol give them. When trying to get sober and rebuild their lives, they often find it difficult to juggle their daily tasks while attending addiction treatment programs. Thankfully, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) can provide treatment and support while letting them begin to lead a regular life again.

At DeNovo Recovery, we know how important it is to regain your sense of normalcy while continuing to receive support in sobriety. Our IOP can help you learn the skills you need to walk the road to recovery during the day before you return home for the night. Call 816.208.8106 today to find out if an intensive outpatient program could be the missing piece in your recovery plan.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An IOP is a type of addiction treatment that offers many of the same services as inpatient treatment, like therapy and counseling, but doesn’t require you to live at the facility. This flexibility means you can continue working, going to school, and meeting your other responsibilities while still getting help for your addiction.

Intensive outpatient programs typically meet several times a week for several hours at a time. An IOP generally is about the same time commitment as a part-time job. While in an intensive outpatient program, you’ll work to address the underlying causes of your addiction and develop tools to cope with triggers and cravings.

Who Benefits from an IOP?

IOPs can be an effective step down from inpatient treatment or a good alternative for people who can’t commit to an inpatient program. It can also be an option for people who have already completed inpatient treatment and need extra support during the early stages of recovery.

An IOP can be especially beneficial if you have a strong support system at home. If you have a spouse, partner, or family member who can help you stay on track, an IOP may be the right fit for you.

How Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Work?

denovo recovery IOP interiorAn intensive outpatient program usually consists of group and individual therapy sessions, educational classes, and skill-building exercises. At DeNovo Recovery, you’ll work with our team of recovery advocates to create a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs.

The focus of our intensive outpatient program in St. Joseph, MO is to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms and life skills so you can stay sober when you’re not in treatment. You’ll also work on identifying and avoiding triggers to remain on the road to recovery.

Some of the evidence-based therapies we use at DeNovo Recovery include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Group therapy

Affordable, Tailored Addiction Treatment

At DeNovo Recovery, we are committed to offering personal, compassionate addiction treatment that works for you. We know that your path to recovery will last for the rest of your life and requires diligence and patience. Our goal is to help you learn the skills for long-term sobriety to live a happy, healthy life.

We proudly accept Medicaid and most major insurance providers while also offering flexible out-of-pocket payment options. Your financial situation should not determine if you are eligible for quality addiction treatment.

Restart Your Journey with Denovo Recovery

Making the commitment to get sober will affect you, your friends, your family, and every other aspect of your life. Walking the path to recovery can help you regain your purpose and find true happiness again.
If you’re ready to take the next steps on the road to recovery, call us today at 816.208.8106 or complete our online form. One of our recovery advocates will be happy to answer any questions you have about our intensive outpatient program or any of our other addiction treatment services.