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7 Signs of Addiction

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Addiction is a severe problem that many people struggle to deal with healthily. Substance use disorders can take many forms, from drugs and alcohol to gambling and sex addiction. No matter the addiction, it can devastate the individual struggling and their relationships. Addiction treatment programs are an essential option for helping people who want to overcome their addictions. As soon as you notice the signs of addiction developing, you must seek out a program.

At DeNovo Recovery, we understand the hardships that addiction can create. If you or a loved one is exhibiting any signs of substance abuse, reach out to our team of addiction treatment experts today at 816.208.8106.

7 Signs of Addiction

An addiction can be challenging to spot, especially in the early stages. The first step in finding treatment is learning to recognize the signs of drug and alcohol abuse before seeking help. Some of the most common symptoms that can lead to the need to accept this reality include:

Increased Drug Use

As you use the drug more and more, you will begin to develop a tolerance. If you’re using increasingly high doses of a drug, this is a clear sign of developing an addiction.

Using Drugs to Cope with Stress

Drugs are a common way to channel stress, depression, and general frustration into an outside source. If you are using drugs to cope with stress or other negative emotions, it can quickly turn into a substance use disorder.

Neglecting Responsibilities

A prevalent sign of substance abuse is the loss of responsibility and a complete focus on drug use over everything else. As dependence on drugs or alcohol increases, it can completely take over a person’s sense of responsibility.

Continuing to Use Despite Negative Consequences

If your loved one is using drugs despite losing a job, losing friends, or losing their health, it is likely they are becoming addicted. Continuing to use a drug despite its negative consequences on your life and relationships is a very common sign of addiction.

Craving Drugs

As you use drugs or alcohol repeatedly, your body will develop a natural chemical dependence on them to feel “normal.” This complex pattern can lead you to become stuck and is a common sign of an addiction.

Isolating Away from Friends and Family

Developing a drug addiction can slowly consume the entire life of the struggling person. When the addiction continues to spiral out of control, you may notice that your loved ones will begin to isolate themselves and not act the same way in the family. This red flag strongly indicates that a person may be developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Experiencing Symptoms of Withdrawal

If you notice withdrawal symptoms between the times you are using drugs, this is a clear indicator that your body is beginning to become dependent on regular usage. When this happens, it is essential to know that all other symptoms are not far behind. Unfortunately, withdrawal symptoms are often so uncomfortable that they are a primary cause of relapse if professional treatment is unavailable.

Find Your New Beginning with DeNovo Recovery

As you can see, various signs of addiction point to a real need for help. Putting off substance abuse treatment leads to these signs and symptoms worsening over time, making the recovery process much more difficult. The sooner you notice and admit that your body and mind are addicted, the more you increase your chances of recovery.

Our team is here to help you take those first steps towards a healthier and more self-aware lifestyle. For more information on our life-changing addiction treatment programs, reach out today by calling 816.208.8106.