DeNovo Recovery Aftercare Program

We are there for you, even after treatment has ended!

Completing a recovery program can feel like a new beginning, especially as those in recovery progress through a formal treatment program. When readying themselves to return to everyday life outside of addiction treatment, our clients often feel a great deal of promise mixed with apprehension and fear. That fear is often the result of knowing that sobriety must be maintained, which can be difficult when returning to home and places associated with memories of drug or alcohol use.

At DeNovo Recovery, we believe that providing aftercare is so important to the well-being of our patients in recovery. By having access to clinicians and providing alumni groups and events, the aftercare program helps patients return home knowing that the positive changes to mind, body, and spirit attained in treatment can be maintained with the support of our knowledgeable staff. Long-term recovery is possible, and we’re here to help you make changes that last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to aftercare services?

Any client that has successfully completed any of DeNovo Recovery treatment programs.

How long is the aftercare program?

There is no set time-frame for the aftercare program, but it is accessible for a lifetime after treatment.

What is the cost of the aftercare program?

At DeNovo Recovery, we are committed to you and your journey in recovery. To achieve this, we want to make sure the aftercare program is accessible to anyone, regardless of your situation, which is why there is no cost associated with any aftercare services.

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