Who We Are

DeNovo Recovery was founded in 2021 by Austin Barnes and his wife Abigail. Austin's life was once spiraling out of control due to multiple substance use disorders. Austin received treatment and overcame his alcoholism and drug addiction over 9 years ago. Once sober, he knew his mission in life was to help others struggling with addiction. Austin and Abigail have extensive experience in the treatment industry and worked in numerous capacities within the field before deciding to open DeNovo Recovery in St. Joseph, Missouri. DeNovo Recovery exists to help individuals in the St. Joseph and Kansas City areas that are struggling with addiction.

Mission: At DeNovo Recovery, our mission is to give individuals struggling with addiction the chance to start a new life by providing them compassionate care along with advanced and innovative treatment solutions.
Vision: DeNovo Recovery will be a leader in providing quality behavioral health services and act as a beacon of light for the communities and individuals we serve.
Values: Care & Compassion for every life we touch; Respect & Appreciation for each other; Focus & Discipline on continuously improving the quality of care; Honesty & Integrity in all interactions; Education & Innovation to develop effective solutions for those under our care.

Treatment Approach

At DeNovo Recovery, our treatment approach is to provide individualized care that is designed specifically for you. It is our belief that alcohol and drugs are not the problem, but rather they are used in an effort to solve ones problem(s) - which does not work. With this understanding, DeNovo Recovery's team of addiction experts will approach your treatment with not only a heavy focus on achieving sobriety, but also on developing and implementing the skills necessary to begin to heal the root causes of addiction and prevent relapse. Verify your insurance today!

Our Facility

DeNovo Recovery is located in St. Joseph, Missouri, less than an hour north of Kansas City. Our facility provides a beautiful, modern, and therapeutic setting that sets the foundation for our client's recovery journey.

Our Team

"We are dedicated to helping you begin anew!"

Austin Barnes, MHA

Abigail Barnes

Dr. Mark Pugh, DO

Kaylee Stone, CRADC

Natalie McQuinn, LPC Therapist

Erin Smith
Clinical Outreach

Blythe Rails

Lolita Watson

Cassie Jorden

Amber Auxier

Tyra Parsons

April Goddard